Thin Club is a Positive Lifestyle Support Group. A new innovation in wellness, Thin Club is not a way to change your weight through dieting, – it is a way to change your life through understanding. A unique mix of positive motivation,, common-sense and easy to implement natural wellness tips, Thin Club meetings provide education, advice and support to our group members in order to help them achieve their common goal of getting thin – once and forever.

We meet each week in the Brevard office of Cagen Family Chiropractic. Based on the concepts of wellness living, healthy eating and positive self-imagery, Thin Club is a safe environment where our members come together to learn the natural concepts of getting thin without dieting and how to are shown how to support each in the process.  

Thin Club takes a lifestyle approach to geting thin. Created by Doctors of Chiropractic and Master Life & Wellness Coaches Steve and Nancy Cagen, Thin Club works because we have taken the dieting out of the process. Thin Club teaches our members how to how to address and overcome the problems of being overweight by showing, teaching and supporting them until they have made the mental shift necessary to begin living thin.

Getting thin has nothing to do with diets or low calorie foods. If your goal is to get rid of weight and not just lose it for a little while requires learning to how to live thin. Thats what Tin Club does. Each weekly group meeting is broken into segements for learning, sharing and demonstrating. You will see, hear and learn how to incorporate thin living and thin thinking into your life.

To learn more about Thin Club meetings and the Innate Weight All Natural System to Gettyng Thin or to get on our mailing list call 885-7100 or click here to receive information as we get closer to our first meeting.